Travel Week 2 Recap: Spain and Portugal

Well well well if it isn't April 21st! I wrote a large chunk of this during my layover in the Barcelona airport flying home (home!?) to Copenhagen after my long travel week in Spain and Portugal. Where do I begin? Last Friday I took a 1900 flight to Malaga, Spain with friends Dani and John [...]

Spring Break: Romania

WOW, I've been so horrible and not found the time (or made the time?) to write this post, but it's been an average of 50 degrees and sunny in Copenhagen this past week, so can you really blame me?? On Sunday I had the longest day, spent mostly in the Istanbul airport, on route home [...]

GRØD–an ode to oatmeal

Those of you who know me well, have lived with me, or both, know that I love oatmeal (well, maybe you do...either way, the love affair began at the beginning of this academic year at the end of August). I am a creature of habit, and every morning I drink lemon water, a cup of [...]

Core Course Week: Psychopharmacology

As previously mentioned, at DIS core course week is a week dedicated to your "main" course, and all electives are put on pause. My core course (psychopharmacology, in case you forgot), travelled to Aarhus and Odense, two cities in Western Denmark. The 23 of us met at the main station at 6:45AM and boarded a [...]